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There are many record repositories and libraries in the UK that are of value to the researcher such as the various components of the British Library.

Among hundreds of others are the PRO, the Guildhall Library, the National Libraries of Scotland and Wales and the Library of the Society of Genealogists (So G).

Webster's defines ancestry as a line of descent or persons initiating or comprising a line of descent. Access the ever increasing riches of the Internet's World Wide Web. See if there is a FHS dedicated to your area of research. View the IGI and refer to the library's books and materials. If you live outside the UK, complete your preliminary research before you contact organisations in the UK.

Before you begin tracing your own ancestry, write on paper what you want to accomplish. Check whether someone has previously researched your area(s) of interest. Many records exist for children and men learning a trade.

The Children's Acts of 19 enable an adopted person over the age of 18 years to exercise his/her right to obtain a copy of the original birth certificate after counselling.

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