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We are a destination orchestra, and we continue to be a destination orchestra." Pay and the size of the ensemble are important if the orchestra is to remain competitive, players argue, and so musicians have also sought to restore the number of full-time members after losses during the bankruptcy process.

We have time on the calendar, and we're planning on rolling up our sleeves and being creative and coming to a good solution." The Philadelphia Orchestra Association's current pact with its musicians expires at a.m. "As you also know, our proposal was to once again bring our pay close to that of Boston." The team said the end of the contract would be "a very long nine years after the conclusion of the bankruptcy process" in 2012.

The contract minimum for players in the Boston Symphony Orchestra, without seniority or other extra pay, will be $152,672 at the end of the 2016-17 season.

A decade ago, Philadelphia ranked several slots higher, according to data provided by labor lawyer Melvin S.

Schwarzwald, who is representing the Philadelphia musicians.

Such figures are based on calculations made by the Office of Community Services of the Administration for Children and Families of HHS.

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