18 year old dating law Sex chat fatsi

by  |  10-Oct-2015 10:55

They might wait a few years until the younger one is over 18 and then resume the relationship if both are still interested.Dating anyone who is not also legally an adult is extremely risky.Some states have graduated driving laws that restrict the hours and terms under which new, young drivers can get behind the wheel. Adults may chat on a hands-free cell phone, drive in the middle of the night and carry passengers. What is permissible in some states means jail time in others.

It is also illegal for the 18 year old to bring the 16 year old to an R-rated or NC-17 movie.

It is also illegal for the 18 year old to show any pornography to the 16 year old, or to pose the 16 year old for any sort of sexual or provocative photos.

It is very important that your 18-year-old now understands their legal consequences, especially if they are still in high school and surrounded by younger friends.

In addition to voting, 18-year-olds are eligible for jury duty and they are responsible for paying their taxes on time.

It is, therefore, extremely unwise for an 18 year old to date a 16 year old.

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