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So too many 20somethings are tempted, and even encouraged, to just turn away and hope for the best. BT: One of the main themes in the book is the line between thinking and doing.

You argue that it's more important to just do something than to waste years dreaming up the perfect path.

The 20s are your best chance to experiment with jobs and relationships. One way to keep yourself honest about the future is by making a timeline.

More than half of Americans are married or are dating or living with their future partner by age 30. When it comes to adult development, 30 is not the new 20.

Personality can change more during our 20s than at any other decade in life. Even if you do nothing, not making choices is a choice all the same.

80% of life's most defining moments take place by about age 35.

2/3 of lifetime wage growth happens during the first ten years of a career.

The best and worst part about being a twenty-something is that every decision you make can change the rest of your life.

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