8 minute dating reviews ny speed dating auckland new zealand

by  |  15-May-2016 07:37

Woo Me is fast, in that you can only chat for 5 minutes, then you move on to someone new.

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Lava Life is a well known dating site with over a million members, and they just added speed dating to their site!

This is exciting since you now have a well known site with a lot of members in every major city which has speed dating available. Fast Cupid is a dating site built for meeting people quickly and easily. You can get on the site within minutes and start chatting away, sending flirts, and even video chatting.

Woo Me is FREE, the only thing you pay for is if you want to respond to "woos" or flirts" you pay $1.

Cheap, fast, easy - thats what online speed dating is all about!

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