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Turkey Vultures were an even mix of adults and immatures, easily separated by the state of their wing molt – immatures (first year birds) were molting in new inner primaries, giving them a unique profile when soaring.

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The best chances of seeing one are to be diligent about scanning the scattered, soaring raptors you spot while driving around and birding, or to watch the morning raptor lift-offs from the overlooks provided at refuges such as Santa Ana NWR and Bentsen State Park.

Along with Broad-winged Hawks, almost the entire population of Mississippi Kites migrant through southern Texas twice per year!

Both vultures are common throughout southern Texas, with Black Vultures tending to be more local residents that stick closer to human habitats, and Turkey Vultures often seen migrating north in large numbers and following kettles of Broad-winged Hawks and Mississippi Kites.

For how common and ubiquitous the vultures are, there is something completely captivating to me about seeing long lines of Turkey Vultures advancing northward.

During 10 days of birding, I saw 275 Black and 1000 Turkey.

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