Adult dating black women tanzania

by  |  08-Aug-2015 23:33

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These figures seem unusually high, but even if they’re overblown the problem is more than just cosmetic, it is culturally destructive. Will we manage to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery (to paraphrase Bob Marley) or will the problem eventually just go away as the world turns beige from increased interracial marriage?

It’s going to take a long time for the latter to happen, so we’ve got no choice but to do the former, because most Africans are dark-skinned, and we have to see the beauty in that for our own psychological well-being.

Recognise that those who created the dominant cultural ideas we’ve internalised did so for their benefit, not ours, and understand that the psychological conflict this internalisation causes is self-destructive.

Self-hatred continues the cycle of self-degradation, and we can’t teach our kids about their self worth, and get them to take their history seriously, if our own sense of self is distorted through a white lens.

It doesn’t mean uncritically celebrating anything by dark-skinned black people, but it does mean seeking out and recognising things that are worth celebrating.

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