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What did grandparents, pediatricians or even my friends know of this evolving landscape.If I felt that I was constantly making up the rules as I went along, it was because I was.

When Snapchat sends unseemly images right to our children’s phones, it becomes harder to protect them. Trust has become a bigger, not smaller, part of our parent-child relationship as it becomes harder to keep technologically apace of our children.

I set up parental controls on my kid’s computers when they were younger and then found them in a flood of giggles as they circumvented my feeble attempts.

I am not sure I would have wanted my parents to have had such a window into my teen life.

My ability, should I have chosen to spy on them from the confines of my living room, is almost limitless. If I can stalk them, they can certainly return the favor. With the tap of their two thumbs, they update me about their days, letting me into their lives with a level of detail that selfishly, as a parent, is wonderful.

Instead from an early stage they began to ask questions of Google and Wikipedia, and with that I lost some control of what they knew and how they knew it, and it all happened much younger than I imagined. I can stalk my kids with only my laptop and a cup of coffee.

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