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by  |  06-Jul-2015 22:31

However to get down to the real reason behind spanking – aside from it feeling good – differs from person to person, because hey, we’re all mixed bags of nuts.

Never had much luck with their personal ads either, but did make some nice acquaintances, and the chatroom there is probably the best for spanking chat (and has been for a long time).

I liked to be able to chat with someone and be able to look up their profile.

However, there are a few sites worth mentioning, though they all have significant problems.

When you type spanko into google, the first entry you get is It used to be called SIN a/k/a Spanking Internet Network -I think.(And yes, less than a week after a post complaining about the word "spanko" I'm using it in three times in the first two sentences of this paragraph I guess the word serves its purpose)an all-encompassing site with a forum, and movies, and a great chatroom, and a social network aspect plus personal ads.

It can be enjoyed by both partners – because it goes both ways – but only if proper spanking etiquette is followed, such as; From either of these vantage points, you’ve got the perfect amount of room to get an arc with your good spankin’ arm, as well as enjoy the view.

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