Atlanta sexy cams

by  |  10-Oct-2015 00:42

Our Repeatable Motion Sliders offer repeatable computer moves with speeds ranging from fast to extremely slow, saving you the drama and expense of a full motion-control team.Because the set-up and operation are so simple, the 6-Channel Repeatable Motion Slider requires a single Slider tech to help program the unit.

It seems you can never get the camera low enough to the ground, but with all our Slider models, the Mitchell camera plate is only 2 1/2 inches off the ground.

The structural design of all Slider models prevents them from bending or twisting. Designed and built by professional grips and cameramen, they offer safe and easy rigging to protect the camera and -- more importantly -- the talent and crew.

Creative directors and cameramen design shots and, indeed, their whole shooting strategy around the Slider's versatile capabilities.

All of our Slider models can be inverted for those awkward underslung camera angles.

Our Mini Slider™ / Mini Video Slider™ camera-movement systems are sexy, strong and easy to use. The Mini Slider is a must-have tool for keeping "over the shoulder" compositions and salvaging those difficult close quarter camera positions we find ourselves in all the time.

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