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And she would only do the missionary position and that’s so fucking lame.” The...

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Snowflakes fluttered down upon the rooftops, where a glorious moon illuminated the night sky.

The soft jingle of bells rung around the town; not loud enough to disturb anyone, though.

Upon one rooftop of a small house in the middle of snowy fields, a sleigh softly landed, pulled by the reindeer. Read On Added: | Category: Straight Sex | Avg Score: 4.8 | Words: 2,009 | Tags: santa fuck sex blowjob cumshot swallow christmas | 6 Comments Holly is upset and seeks revenge. ” said one of the others after putting down his food.

“I fucked Becky Howard last night, and she has the smallest tits I have ever seen,” said Todd to his two friends. “She was alright I guess, sucked my dick a bit but wasn’t very good at it.

Under her warmest coat, she wore the red Christmas baby doll nighty with lacy panties she had bought for tonight for him.

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