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Alessondra Shares OKCOwl Cam with Birds And Blooms from OKC Owl Cam on Vimeo.About The Hosts We are a young family of four, with two daughters, Alessondra (9) & Giavauna (4) Deziray home schools Alessondra (and will Giavauna, eventually, as well), co-leads a women's ministry, and is a Physician Assistant by profession.2.10.15 @ AM2.12.15 @ PME3 - Caspian 1.13.15 @ pm CST2.14.15 @ 9:1 @ PM • *Egg 2 was laid overnight of 1.10.15 while cam was off air. • This is the 6th time eggs have been laid here • Season 1: 2 Eggs / 1 Hatch | Season 2: 2 / 2 | Season 3: 3 / 3 • Same nest location as last 2 years, but new pot & organic soil mix.

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We can’t know for certain, but based on what we’ve observed, we are certain they are at least seven years old. We believe it’s possible that she was not yet mature enough to brood eggs.

However, we know that GHOs typically aren’t able to lay eggs until at least a year old. “Tiger Lilly” successfully fledged in March of 2012.

The closest guesser for each egg's hatch, determined by chick-out-of-shell won one of these original painted portraits of the Season 4 owlets, by PAWS 'n Portraits! Artwork © 2015, PAWS 'n Portraits The nest is in a fiberglass planter box atop an iron planter ledge under upper story windows of the front our home in NW Oklahoma City.

It is one of three planter boxes on the ledge, all of which are approximately 12” deep, by 12” tall, and 24” wide.

They are filled with an organic mix of vermiculite, peat moss, and mushroom compost.

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