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Then in 2005 the Discovery Channel television show tackled the question, recruiting rock singer and vocal coach Jamie Vendera to hit some crystal ware with his best shot.

He tried 12 wine glasses before stumbling on the lucky one that splintered at the blast of his mighty pipes.

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The principle of directing sound at a brittle object is used, for example, to break up kidney stones—except doctors don't bother to find the resonant frequency, preferring just to blast the stone with lots of sound energy (and if a singer were as loud as, say, an explosion, she wouldn't have to find the resonant frequency to break a glass, either).

Yet, it seems that until a couple of years ago there was no proof that any person had ever broken glass with his or her voice alone.

If a person sings the same tone as that ringing note—a high C in legend but in reality the matching pitch could be any note—the sound of her voice will vibrate the air molecules around the glass at its resonant frequency, causing the glass to start vibrating as well.

And if she sings loudly enough, the glass will vibrate itself to smithereens.

The famous tenor Enrico Caruso was said to have had the ability, but after he died his wife denied these rumors. It turns out that most pieces of glass, including most wine glasses, are the equivalent of a kid on a swing who weighs hundreds of pounds.

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