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Parametri za pristup preko chat klijenata: /server /join #gay-serbia ili /join #gayserbia-lesbians Da biste se prikljuili na chat potreban Vam je IE4, Netscape4, ili novije verzije kao i Java Plugin. Nakon to se applet downloaduje upiite eljno ime u "Nick Name" polje i kliknite "Connect Now".

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U sekciji Video chat i video chet balkan se nalaze uputstva za videochat.

Ruth Littman has lived through 26 presidential elections. You'd think that people would shy away from people like Hitler and Mussolini.

She's been voting since 1932, when Franklin D. She is as old as one Ted Cruz plus one Marco Rubio plus five North "Nori" Wests. (Last week, she celebrated her birthday with family and friends traveling from as far as Canada.) And she says she has never seen an election as strange as this one. [During] the killing of 6 million Jews and other groups that the Nazis didn't like. But people forget, and people are not so politically savvy in this country. In fact, civics has not been part of the curriculum.

"I'm frightened," Littman says from her assisted-living center. And of course he did things that weren't very good. He sent back people who were eventually killed in the Holocaust. I think people should be [informed], and they should know.

Osmi Merlinka festival počinje sutra u Velikoj sali Doma omladine Beograda, a tokom sedam dana biće prikazano 57 filmova, koji se na različite načine bave LGBT temama, najavili su organizatori. Dokumentarni film "Just Vivaldi" biće prikazan u četvrtak, 8. Dokumentarni, bezbudžetni, crno-beli film u režiji Tijane Stojković (Lui Kloi), govori o LGBT vidljivosti,...

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