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Make Daddy take you to a playground, have him push you on the swing ! Tell Daddy he is handsome, and strong, and how proud you are to have him- (even if he is a short, thin, - average looking man like me) Even us Daddies need an ego boost from time to time. Purposely do something fun-lovingly wrong, knowing you want spankings and Daddy will happily give them to you.20. When you see Daddy getting upset- Calm him down with your fingers to the area behind his ear- and speak to him in a soft warm voice to sooth him.24.

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Learn how to communicate without sounding demanding or commanding or as if you are the one in control.

That is a major no-no…(unless Daddy accepts you and wants you as a swtich)17.

Allow Daddy to be your caretaker, your hero, your protector- to keep the evil monsters away.15.

Pretend you need help with something with the purpose to get Daddy near you and nuzzle your face in his neck and give kisses.16. You being independant is fine, but allow Daddy his ego, his pride, his Dom side- meaning- Do not TOP your Daddy!

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