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The reds, the oranges and purples, it’s incredible. ‘I think this must be what it’s like in the desert. And every day.’ Then there are the curlews and the lapwings, the owls and the nightjars, and the ‘magical’ sunlight on the hills. They’d been together for four years but afterwards she went back to live with her parents, Richard, 54, and Helen, 49, on their farm just across the Scottish border in the town of ­Hawick.

Emma, who has two younger ­sisters, ­Caroline, 21, and Elizabeth, 17, went to the local school before embarking on a sheep management course in Northumberland.

She’d been helping out on her ­parents’ farm since she was a little girl, so finding her own land felt like the natural next step.‘A friend who lives down the road rang me and said: “There’s a place coming up, it’s really rough and ­isolated, but I think you should go for it.” I went along on the viewing day and there were around 25 cars parked outside.

But I always wear make-up and I’ve always tried to stay quite feminine.‘Just because I choose to live in a male-­dominated industry doesn’t mean I have to act like a man.

Far more fun being a woman in a man’s world than being a woman trying to be a man in a man’s world.’ And what a world it is.

Her career is so all engrossing, that she’s never in her life — never! Which means she’s had to become adept at fixing her diesel generator, her heating and her truck. The land she farms is owned by the National Trust and they were very particular about who they wanted to look after it.

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