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by  |  21-May-2015 22:04

For now, I'll be working on the backend and resetting this, restarting that until some quality of service can return, even if briefly.

I'll sleep about 4-5, maybe 6 hours a night/morning until all pieces fall into place.

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December 17, 2016 Help Desk is changing For years I've been using os Ticket to provide a help desk for you all in case you had issues, concerns, or needed to reach me directly.

However, I've decide to offload that Help Desk to a new vendor called Fresh Desk.

I felt you all needed transparency so you don't start thinking the worst or making up the worst ideas which are the farthest from the truth.

You all may continue to send in your Help Desk tickets with your opinons, frustrations, etc, but the responses will be about what is listed here.

Basically I will still be doing the Help Desk but through an off-site vendor.

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