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by  |  07-Sep-2015 12:46

It is grossly insensitive to equate transvestite men to Hermaphrodites which are biological [email protected] #7 You might be surprised to learn a very well known female model whom you would be familiar with and no doubt drool over is a Hermaphrodite.

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Secondly, you'd never be able to tell the difference in a Post Op woman anyway.

Unless you're a gynaecologist and most of them can't tell either, unless you are assessing the cervix.

Many people falsely believe they are XX (female) or XY (male) only to sometimes discover later in life they are not. But they are not XX men (so far anyway)This has no bearing on sexual [email protected] #5 Top lip hair is more to do with hormone levels.

I think the rest of your comment is inferring something considerably different and unrelated to Hermaphrodites.

If you are curious about what it 'looks like' well go do some googling. But don't use someone else's body for a 'feel' for yourself.

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