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A good mail-room clerk has to be punctual and efficient - luckily for Ryan Ryder, his charm and good looks are enough to make up for his clumsiness.

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In this episode, I finally fess up to Kate that I feel bad about this, and I make her tell me her parenting triumphs. She also took Jack to this craniosacral massage therapist.

Turns out, she has two: 1) she was able to breastfeed both of her children—she is especially proud of her efforts with Jack, who suffered green, bloody poops because he was allergic to proteins in Kate’s breastmilk and 2) she was able to give birth twice without drugs or surgery. She tells me she is usually a skeptic when it comes to massage therapies, but that it improved Jack’s latch and gut issues immeasurably. Please consider submitting a question for Nancy Holtzman, the lactation consultant joining us for our upcoming breastfeeding Google Hangout.

Asking Sam to help her hold a ladder while she duste...

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Psst, New York area moms: we are planning our first ever live event, and we want you to join us! What: Speed Dating for Moms—get matched up with your next BFF Where: The Bell House; 149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215 When: Wednesday, October 22, in the evening Who: Any and all mamas, no matter how long you’ve been one Why: Because you’ve been complaining about not being able to find mama friends you really click with!

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