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"Pizza Gate appeals not only to the white nationalists in the U. "And on social media, the rights defenders were accused of hypocrisy for remaining silent on the so-called Pizza Gate scandal...

"In June, Turkey’s Supreme Court annulled the current legal protections for abused children and urged the Parliament to tolerate child brides..." How the alt-right's Pizza Gate conspiracy hid real scandal in Turkey "Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause, said last-minute polling place changes and other problems in Arizona were 'causing real confusion for many voters.' "Problems being reported included ...malfunctioning voting machines in Virginia; and confusion with closed or delayed-opening polling places in Georgia and Texas." Voters in key states endured long lines, equipment failures.

Trump has the rights to the Miss Universe franchise. In 2002 Casablancas was sued by a former model who alleged that Casablancas had raped her when she was 15, and then forced her to get an abortion.

The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount, and in 2003 Elite model management officially declared bankruptcy.

O'Keefe paid a six-figure settlement to an ACORN employee who was fired as a result of the video.

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