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Goth is a deplorable type of heathen culture that glorifies everything that is vile and unholy.

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Teens that have difficulties fitting in and being accepted often find comfort in associating with outcast groups, such as Goth.

That's what Goth is really about about, that is, a club for social rejects.

Seeing youth dressed in Goth definitely causes people to turn their head twice... Marilyn Manson (real name: Brian Warner) is as demonic as you can get, cutting himself on stage, ripping up Bibles, piercing his chest nipples on stage, calling Christians derogatory names, blaspheming God and spewing hatred against everything decent and holy! Black lip stick, tattoos, pierced body parts, gothic clothing, freakish behaviorthese are all worldly amusements.

On Manson's ANTICHRIST SUPERSTAR album cover, band members are drinking Manson's urine through straws attached to his crotch. But God hates evil, and commands Christians to hate evil as well (Psalms ). There is a theme running through all these different types of Gothic groups, and a common fashion and dress that all tribes of Goth wear.

I do not say that to be unkind or judgmental; but rather, to be honest.

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