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But how much money makes for a comfortable retirement?

Here's the percentage of pensioners who feel happy with their life, split by household income.

For more, see our guide to deferring the state pension.

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The calculator uses current tax and pension legislation, taking into account lower rate income tax relief of 20%.'Having been told I would be stuck with a pension annuity paying me just over £100 per annum, they enabled me to negotiate a flexible drawdown so I can use my money in the way that best suits me.

Had it not been for them I would have been palmed off so thank you, thank you, thank you.'£34,000 a year is the most recent government figure for the income of the average pensioner couple.

The Pension Service should contact you four months before you retire if you need to claim your state pension. If you haven’t heard from the company, give it a ring to find out what your final pension will be and how it will be paid.

If you’re enrolled in a workplace pension scheme, contact the pension trustee to find out how much you’ll get. Around 3 months before retirement If you've got particularly complex needs in retirement, have built up multiple pension pots, or need help with investing any of your spare cash, it is well worth seeking financial advice.

For men, this is currently 65 and for women it is currently 62, increasing to 65 by November 2018. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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