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In other words, a prominent politician was playing mas’ (masquerading) in a public space and took a ‘wine’ — the hip-swivelling dance for which the Carnival is famous — with a young woman (some say a teenager) who appeared, at least from photographs, to be either a willing participant or the instigator of the dance.

Suddenly public conversation becomes about everything ranging from Rowley's fitness for office to the state of tribal politics in the country: The Jamaican blogosphere recently had a comparable debate about the appropriateness of expressing sexuality while holding public office when members of the public were shocked after Lisa Hanna, Jamaica's Minister of Youth and Culture, posted a photo of herself wearing a bikini on the beach.

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Rhoda Bharath fumed: Demonising black male sexuality is nothing new here…if you want to vex with a black man for wining on an Indian woman and not appear racist, you have to criminalise his sexuality…the conversation shifts from him wining on an Indian woman to him wining on an underage Indian girl….without information to support your argument.

For the umpteenth time, this religious leader is relying on the quietly prevailing Aryan Hindu Patriarchy’s ideologies to make his argument.

[…] According to UNC followers, Rowley embarrassed his wife and his post as Opposition Leader and displayed scandalous behaviour for a wanna-be Prime Minister.

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