Macedonian sex dating

by  |  04-Dec-2015 00:42

The Mafia-like gangs who run the trafficking network have links to violent criminals, almost 1,000 miles away in Britain, who have muscled, threatened and shot their way to near-total domination of London's prostitution rings, according to Scotland Yard.

Britain is attractive to the sex traffickers because immigration controls are seen as weak, and prices and demand for sexual services are high.

Most of them come from poor families and, on film, they tell how they were deceived into leaving their homes.

The footage also shows guns and cartridges found at a motel and the women's passports - confiscated to ensure that they could not escape.

The girls are filmed standing with their bags packed, preparing to be taken away by the police after being liberated from their subterranean prisons.

Helga Konrad, the head of anti-trafficking at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which works with 55 governments, described the treatment of the women as "a horrendous crime and human rights violation".

She urged governments to step up joint efforts to "break the whole criminal chain".

They show that urgent action is needed to deal with a crime that has exploded since the collapse of the Soviet Union left many newly independent states in desperate poverty and their people easy prey for traffickers.

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