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One thing I did find is that converting the to a or .mp4 actually improves the frame rate, as if the conversion process finds some of the missing frames and stitches it back together.

The frame is still low - less than 15 per second, but it makes the footage more watchable.

Customer should cover the return shipping fee, and TOMTOP is responsible for the shipping costs of arranging reshipment by air mail.

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In this case, The processing time will be 3 business days. They will have a complaining procedure which will enable you to get compensation.

If you don’t receive any shipping confirming over three days after the payment is made, please kindly contact our customer service . Next, contact TOMTOP immediately with your order number and a full description / pictures of the broken item issue. Once the courier company confirms that the case is valid, they will compensate TOMTOP, and we will pass on this compensation to you.

Overall, the quality of the camera isn't bad for the money but the main issue I have is the frame rate - it's really jerky, like 10 frames a second, but it's not a steady frame rate - it jumps around - like 3 quick frames and nothing for 10 more.

I tried class 6 and 10 cards - didn't make a difference.

You can be confident about ordering from TOMTOP just as much as any western retailer. How long dose it take to have my orders shipped after the payment is made? Processing time 1-2 business days normally: During this period, we do strict quality-control tests and get the items carefully packed. Sometimes the item in your order is really a hot seller and it may be just sold out at that time.

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