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It would be unusual for a modern teenager to address adults outside of his immediate family in such a way.

Even addressing his grandmother as "aroma min" [my granny] would suggest a happy and confident teenager, accustomed to conversing with adults. Using the term when speaking to those outside the inner circle of close friends and immediate family, e.g.

A handy LED light will make fumbling for the lock a thing of the past too!

The aggressive familiarity of the endearment suggests self-confidence that would be atypical in a modern Icelandic teenager.

We have no way of knowing whether the same conclusion can be drawn with regard to medieval Iceland, but, lacking evidence to the contrary, we might consider it likely.

A SINGLE DETAIL CATCHES OUR ATTENTION in a somewhat conventional description of a young warrior who has a minor role in a medieval saga.

This detail is unexpected and indeed unique in saga literature. kalladi mjok sinn ba, er harm taladi vid" (Sturlunga saga 1) ["he addressed many to whom he spoke as 'my'" (2)].

Like a punctum, it disturbs and "pricks" the audience and has "a power of expansion" (45).

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