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This is a pool which has a portion of the wall which lets water spill over it so as to create the illusion of having no edge.While elegant, it also promotes the evaporation of water which explains Fletchers higher usage.Cost Sharing Method 1: Each month, they pay a water company to fill the holding tank of the well if the water level drops below a certain value.


Water is big issue in the Rio Verde Foothills, as it is across the Southwest, and it is only going to become more so as the area continues to develop.

The Rio Verde Foothills area does not have city water services so residents have to make due with either well water or pay a service to truck water in and fill holding tanks.

If the well were to break and require repair, then that would be a maintenance expense and divided equally between the members.

The graph below shows the water usage for each member in gallons / month through the beginning of the record ( July/07).

Fletcher is consistently has the highest water use followed by Ziff, March and then Napp as shown by the table and pie chart.

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