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​Provided by Department for the Elderly and Community Care This service provides residential care consisting of a physically and emotionally safe and secure environment to elderly persons and persons with disability, who can no longer cope with living in their own homes.

Provided by Malta Communications Authority With regard to radiocommunications equipment, the Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act (Chapter 399 of the Laws of Malta) provides that an individual licence is only required for the installation or use of equipment, unless the equipment is licence exempt or is regulated by a general authorisation.

Non-compliance with this requirement is a breach of the said Act.

as guarantee, with a debtor in those cases where the law so requires in respect of certain warrants.

That form is intended to bind the surety.​Provided by Civil Courts There is legal requirement for the signature of the party filing this application and to-date the law does not allow for electronic filing, therefore it has to be physically filed in the Registry.

In this form the bride and groom give all details requested by the Marriage Registry regarding their forthcoming marriage.

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