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For some reason this act induces him to refer to me as “Frankenstein”, which rather warms me to him. It’s a printout of a webpage containing obscure shares information. He is either a satirist of estimable chutzpah or completely stupid, I’m entirely uncertain.

We drive towards a perfect rainbow like seekers on some celestial quest until it evaporates in a blaze of light.

Sussex is dense and impenetrable and gives glorious concealment to its many beautiful private estates, always just beyond view from the road.

By the time we hit Bexhill the warm southern wind is whipping off the channel in swiping gusts.

We hear the local fireworks event has been cancelled due to the danger of rockets launching five feet in the air, abruptly bending to the horizontal and blowing children’s faces off.

There are expanses of blue sky above as we head out in the morning.

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