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She could tell right away that he was very pleased with her. I'm very pleased." Her dark skin hid her blushing, or so she hoped. Patricia noted that Seth had his camera bag and smiled and the hope of a good audition. " Suddenly the excitement and sexuality of the encounter was starting to be replaced by embarrassment and unease. "I'm ready." Patricia announced and traded places with Seth as she pulled her shirt back down over her shapely chest.

Maybe it was because she was so much younger than him or maybe, just maybe it was because he thought she really was sexy and cute. After walking around awkwardly for the better part of half an hour, Seth decided that the only place to really get a secluded shoot would be under the bridge on the bike and jogging trail. She nodded her head in agreement anyway and Seth soon had his hands on her firm breasts. As Patricia started to assert a small level of control her unease started to dissipate and she felt even better as the thought of a nice hard cock in her mouth came to mind.

She knew that she was over weight and not the prettiest girl around but that didn't curb her enthusiasm one bit.

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She could barely contain her excitement as she hurried around her apartment.

He was older and most probably pulling a fast one on her but..if he wasn't? In fact the things she had done would have caused Jenna Jamison to blush. She had dozens, including a crush on shemale porn star Gia Darling.

Patricia nervously posed for him and then Seth asked her what her bra size was. You would think with how big the rest of me is that god would have given me much larger tits! She reached into his pants with both hands and fished out a rather surprisingly large penis.

Patricia quickly engulfed his cock in her mouth sliding her full lips all the way down his shaft.

He had said all the right things and new just what buttons to push as they chatted on line. It's not like she wasn't being truthful and this wasn't right up her alley. even so, all of her sexual experiences had been with boys her own age or younger than her.

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