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They say if you frame-forward Snow White, you can see the cutesy annimuls taking a dump. Admittedly it also directs us to kill witches Ex Anonymous: apart form the part where its paraphrasing the older scriptures the new testament supersedes (whilst some deathbyfaith organisations still include the supersedes whilst dogmatically being against them at other times)Anonymous: at least im getting my taxes or anything else back at the end of times, seemingly and shouldnt be afraid of the sting of death like displayed as a ceremony and as some kind of catlle having died (before eating something later), when the zombies will appear and then there will be sheep which look like lions or something and insects that dont eat their males after mating or whatever Anonymous: yey, always those dripping cunt people with their love thingie, liek everything was about fapping or doing other stuff like heart cancer, should quit smoking (again), damn, need something to keep my mind off things - love, nothing compared to sunrises and money and um discipline Bundesheer Army Woman: Niggerboy with toothpaste on his toung what a great Footcleaner i supose Niggermonkey suck my Feets clean and lick between the Toes , or lick Feets and suck on the Toes even Monkey Niggerlips: To have true equality, this chart should be mentioning what women have plenty of : CHARM. if the penis gets longer the intellegence decreases.

Anonymous: Mickey has no cock in his pants, Minnie IS an erect penis. But thus demonstrating that OP is ghey would be redundant... there would be no intellegence for a penis length of infinite and women are the complete opposite of that cause they have no penis...: I'm a homo sapiens male, my penis is a little above average, my IQ is notably above average, and I've met many a brilliant woman. So, kids and 12 year-olds, don't believe everything you read in cartoons.

If all fursuiters had this fetish, you'd see atleast half of the guys running around with boners, which you do not! People it seems has a problem with the natuiral genitilea.

i think you need to seriously take a look at what is worse. The suits usually cost 2000-3000$, not everyone wants to fuck in them.

No wonder the fgucking Chinese are taking your shit over, America! : Actually space is expanding so the universe doesnt have a center. Therefore its expanding away from us so we technically are the center of the universe...along with everyone else: That is about the dumbest remark i ever heard !! Then the mass amount of hair covering his ears, his unibrow, almost complete lack of a forehead, and finally, the dark black crusties he has inside is nose.

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