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From “richardfg7,” we received an impassioned request to please, please, PLEASE open our eyes to the truth, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! They are with the globalist bankers who fund her and these people are pure evil . Couple things here, dick: You don’t research very good.

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In reply to a WND story titled Photo: ‘Only zombies’ at Hillary Clinton rally, Reaper chimed in, Those that support Hillary Clinton are indeed totally corrupt mindless zombies, devoid of morality, and totally dependent on government to change their diapers, and feed them.

They are sniveling babies, and worthless morons of the first order.

Grimmy also wants Bill de Blasio arrested for treason for daring to suggest that Islamophobia is bad, and would like to see Islam “banned from the USA! Someone going by the enigmatic pseudonym “srchis” was pretty amused that we stupid liberals would even know who Michael Savage is, seeing how superior he is to our ilk: Lol….libertard joke’s actually listen to Savage.

I guess you left wing curb crawler’s actually need a dose of the truth from time to time.

For his efforts he was censored, and taken off air, but not until his legion of followers were able to see what the future holds if she is elected.

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