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“Because the sex ratio at birth is a bit above the normal trend, this brought forth the hypothesis that such abortion are carried out.” Nonetheless, Pipero said that due to the sensitivity of the issue the .“We are looking at the possibility of issuing new legal directives that strengthen the application of the law,” he said.“Boys are expected to support the parents financially, provide for their security and protect their honor, while girls are expected to provide emotional support and care for ailing parents,” said “ The study finds that as many as 15,000 female fetuses may have been aborted between 20, which corresponds to 7 percent of female births over the same period.

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A declining fertility rate, a gender gap favoring male babies and the introduction in 1995 of prenatal screening technology provide the demographic backdrop to a recent report of widespread, illegal sex-selective abortion in Albania.

What makes the story of female feticide so believable, and difficult to fix, one researcher says, is the culture’s strong preference for male heirs.

There are also Albanian Prostitutes that work abroad, mainly in Italy and sometimes Greece, mostly from the Roma or Gypsy minority.

The problem in Albania is that prostitution is not legal and very much condemned by public opinion.

“In the future it will create a surplus of men in the marriage market, triggering migration among single men and further discrimination of women by lowering the age of marriage and re-introducing arranged marriages,” Gjonca predicted. “My understanding is that the overall birth sex ratio in Albania is 111 boy babies born for every 100 girl babies, and that the birth sex ratio in Tirana is 119 boy babies for every 100 girl babies–which puts Tirana on a par with China,” said .

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