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* There are many risks “that haunt these young women. Although the 20 or so sex workers I talked to all said they asked clients to use condoms, one 27-year-old from Hlaing Tharyar Township conceded that sometimes they consented to unprotected sex.They are a vulnerable target for drunks and other men on the prowl in Rangoon’s ill-lit streets. Market pressures limit a Rangoon sex worker’s influence over her clients.But some media reports say that there are more than 3,000 entertainment venues such as karaoke places, massage parlours or nightclubs where there are sex workers, and that there are an estimated five sex workers in each venue.

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[Source: Daily Mail] Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in Myanmar, many women are in the sex trade because of the difficulties making decent money doing anything else.

Accurate figures of the number of sex workers are difficult to come by.

“If I reject a customer there are many others who’ll accept his demands for the price of a meal,” sighed one.” * Describing a guesthouse in Yangon, where prostitutes operate, Aung Thet Wine wrote in The Irrawaddy, “The “guesthouse” rented its 30 or so rooms to “short stay” guests, charging 2,000 kyat (US $1.6) for an hour and 5,000 kyat ($4) for the night.

Its corridors reeked of cigarette smoke, alcohol and cheap perfume.

Virginity has traditionally been greatly prized in modest Burma-Myanmar. If you have some laundry done at a guesthouse, some people make take offense to washing your under garments.

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