Sex chat operator

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There is no expense to you, all you need is the motivation to earn money because the more you chat the more you earn!

Sex chat operator-9

11AMShe gets a coffee and checks the morning newspaper, then discusses her Sincats account, there is a guy planning to see more explicit photos of her.

She’s some stored to be with her laptop, so once payment has been given she sends on them, the client is glad and says he’ll almost certainly order more in the foreseeable future.

Apparently some of his colleagues really got into the work and were clearly pretty good at it. ‘Tami was a dirty wh*re who lived in the East Village in New York,’ said Roth.

‘One guy told a customer he was a stripper and the guy started Fed Ex-ing him cash – I never took it to that level, but guys were paying $1 (61p) a minute to talk with us. ‘Tami was a heavy chick who had a gang-bang with Guns N’ Roses and Poison one night!

The adult operator then does some self-promotion on the website and changes up many photos and chats to clients. 12PMThe PSO then has lunch, and she arranges some more phone sex calls.

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