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) Everything in the file was blacked out except the name of the judge, who Aria recognized as Noel’s dad, leading her to think that Mr. Pretty Little Liars airs on Freeform Tuesdays at 8 p.m. You're really gonna love the photo galleries I've put together for you in my member's area.

As they discussed the secrets that may have killed Jessica Di Laurentis (Andrea Parker), Aria finally had the flashback we’ve all been waiting for.

She and shirtless Jason (side note: hello, shirtless Jason) and Aria were kissing in bed and talking about their future.

For those keeping score at home, Maya was Emily’s first girlfriend, last seen in season 3 when she was murdered.

Oh, good, another potential character-brought-back-to-life plot to look forward to! When they plugged it in, they found files on all of the girls with photos from their time in the dollhouse.

End Game Noel walked into the bar, where Hanna was waiting for him. “Sara fell in the shower.” Hanna offered him an alibi, and held up her drink to toast.

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