Skypeforsex Register in a sit for dirty shat

by  |  09-Apr-2015 16:11

He has been cyber sexing with a gay man and has been talking about very explicit sexual fantasies.


I have had my own issues in the past with alcohol and I am struggling to keep control here.

Obviously he is hurt that I invaded his privacy, but my opinion is thank God I did and he will probably keep hating me for a long time, but at least now he is safe.....

In my opinion, your son is not addicted to porn, cyber sex and chatting with absolute strangers. Same I would say about gaming, as games nowadays are made to be addictive, but eventually we all realise at some point, that while they are fun, the are also a huge waste of time.

He needs to come to that realisation on his own, most likely when he is 20 he will.

Have recently found out that my 14 year old son has been participating in cyber sex and that he is seriously addicted to the internet and playstation gaming.

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