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That's the same for catching thieves or for security purposes.• May 6, 2011 AM @ Ralph-J Just in case it's not clear to you or anyone else here, the 'stalking' potential -- by which you really mean de-anonymization -- has existed for many years.It's existed ever since camera makers started stuffing EXIF data into photos and people started posting them to the web.

Oh, and the fact that someone paid "good money" for stolen property is irrelevant.

"Possession of stolen goods" ought to motivate anyone to return it, considering the proof is littered all over the web.

It wont protect your device from master criminals or even those who are technically literate enough to scrub the data before the upload it - but it will spot people who have naively bought a cheap camera from a guy in the street... Assuming I kept the receipt (big assumption, btw) I don't think the serial number would be on there. Of course it's so old no one would intentionally steal it. Just go to where the most common GPS location in their photos, bring a few printouts of the thiefs face, and when they turn up with your camera, call the cops!

I don't go out of my way to record all of the critical data of items I purchase, so I won't have recorded the serial number of the camera or the EXIF data prior to the theft.

You would need to test but probably take the raw image apply a little AGWN the apply the distortion filter then downsize and back up again would remove the majority of the "signature artifacts".

Stolen web cam footage

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