Totally free fetish dating Online sexchat without membership

by  |  14-Jan-2016 14:42

On geeklurv, a request must be sent by the user wanting to send a message, and then approved by the receiver.

Once that request is approved, both users may send messages to one another if they have the appropriate membership-tier.

Normally anything sex-related is reserved for Fetish/niche sites. Most dating sites have this in one shape or form, however, our's is a bit different than other sites.

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While we would love to only attract the best of the best, there's just no way for us to vet every person who signs up to make sure they aren't creepy. At any time you can go to another user's profile and creep them.

This will hide your profile entirely from their view of the site as well as hide them from your view of the site as if you had deleted your profile.

Note: Those who identify as "Transgender [Ft M]" or "Transgender [Mt F]" will be listed as "Boy [Ft M]" or "Girl [Mt F]" on their profiles.

We chose to do this so that those individuals can feel more like their true selves on the site while allowing others viewing their site to know they're trans*.

The bread and butter for every major dating site out there is their matching system. We match based off of a more complete picture of who you are than most other sites.

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