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It connects you to a partner via Bluetooth enabled video chat and moves in sync with their actions, to simulate penetration in real time. Subtlety and sophistication are key in the design of this highly advanced adult toy.

Store Onyx on your dresser, let it stand proudly your coffee table, or lay it neatly in a drawer.

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Inside, you’ll find a dark, deep-set box with glossy logos and velvet cushioning, and this is where your Onyx rests.

It is accompanied by a USB cable, authenticity and setup cards, and the all-important , all of which fit comfortable inside the Onyx for ease of transport.

Our goal in crafting Onyx was to have it blend seamlessly into the array of technology that already exists in the household.

The matte black exterior is accented by a glossy touch pad that extends the length of the façade.

The hyper flexible material can stand a strong amount of pressure as you enjoy your Onyx.

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