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Today, it operates in 34 different countries, including Japan, France, and Australia.

Uber is valued at $3.5 billion, according to The Fiscal Times.

Then, a few days later, an email was forwarded to me from Sarah Lacy, a tech journalist who’d written about me previously. He explained that he had been a driver for 20 years, and that what had happened between him and "jogger lady" was "innocent coincidence Misunderstanding" [sic]. He explained that he struggled to make ends meet, and that he tried to hire an attorney but it was too expensive.

He complained that my review must have made it seem "like I'm a bad guy or something." I had previously been under the impression that the only personal information Uber provided to drivers about riders was a first name, so I was a bit confused as to how this driver had enough information about me to find out my employer. When Uber got back to me, they assured me that they were not at fault.

Since launching in 2009, the company has expanded to 34 countries, mainstreaming on-demand private transportation. "Because you look like this girl." He turned the i Pad around to face the back seat.

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