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Especially in the early days, when we were smaller."Today, e Bay's little red-light cyberdistrict draws everyone from amateurs to adult-video stores to Video Age, Inc.

and Vivid Video, the leading producer of adult films.

"They don't make [adult merchandise] easy to find."Still, e Bay certainly hasn't overlooked the fiscal promise of its X-rated category.

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Michaels says he was instrumental in those early discussions by helping e Bay locate objectionable material whose existence had escaped the company's eye.

"I worked closely with e Bay for about two months, sending them hundreds of pages I researched with items that wouldn't be allowed anywhere else on the planet: body parts, vials of semen, underwear with feces on it. what you see now."Pursglove doesn't remember Michaels specifically, but says: "I don't doubt it -- [that process] illustrates how a good number of policies on e Bay developed.

Sexually explicit material has always appeared on e Bay, where the anonymous, voyeuristic nature of the Net has long been recognized as the ideal incubator for porn.

But whereas it used to be the stray collector's edition of Playboy or autographed porn-star head shot floating out there in cyberspace alongside antique violin strings and baseball cards, adult sales by 1997 had grown large enough to warrant their own online "room." EBay senior PR manager Kristin Seuell says the reasoning was that a separate division would "provide a secure category to sell this type of merchandise with a gateway, where minors can't enter." Pursglove adds that the decision was made entirely in response to user complaints.

See, I got curious about the "panty people," as I've dubbed them, who pawn off their worn undergarments in the adult section of the online auction house. Six hundred and one this day, to be exact -- more than the Grateful Dead Beanie Bear and A-Team action-figure hawkers combined.

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