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by  |  03-Oct-2015 05:31

No coincidence that in 2015 several things have happened.

For example, we updated the Flame suite that remains, by direct experience, our best reference system in compositing and finishing dedicated to advertising.

Cloud rendering, Digital Cinema delivery and Neflix 2015 was a very important year for the Roman post production Frame by Frame, company associated with UNAPOST, National Union of Post Production Companies.

Lorenzo Foschi, founding partner along with David Luchetti, tells us: "We continue to be slightly disadvantaged because of our geographical position, in fact, the Roman area has not enjoyed in recent years of great turmoil with regards to advertising.

In addition, we guarantee a complete tiling also in the field of graphic design- a process that began with the opening of the office in Rome-which is increasingly cross-function for a number of processes that are carried out.

For a complete description it is essential to mention our section that deals with software development.

The fusion of different worlds in which we gravitate allows us to offer more and more new lines of action, new ideas even in the traditional world of the construction of communication and post production where we started and we continue to strengthen.

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