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Polish women have always had equal access to education and today they have higher levels of educational attainment than young Polish men.

Poland, like the rest of the Soviet alliance in Eastern Europe, offered women more opportunities for higher education and employment, than did most West European countries.

Once their trust is broken, however, they are not likely to trust somebody else.

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leaking faucets, but they do appreciate if a man can do it for them.

Polish females marry on average at age 23 and men at age 26. Divorce is not as prevalent in Poland as it is in many of the other former communist countries such as Russia.

Since extended family is very important in Poland, the more popular arrangement is that either a grandma or aunt will care for the children while the mother is at work.

Polish women take care of their husbands just as much as they take care of their children.

As a matter of fact, the women work double jobs while their husbands usually work at only one job.

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