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Andrew completed a Bachelor of Science degree in applied geology at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, graduating with first class honors in 1975.

As a result of joint research, he has contributed to and jointly edited (with Dr. Boyd) the book Grappling with the Chronology of the Genesis Flood (Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 2013).

Andrew’s talents have enabled him to be involved in extensive creationist research in Australia, the USA, Britain, New Zealand and elsewhere, majoring on the radioactive methods for dating rocks (and radiocarbon dating of fossils), and evidence for the Flood of Noah.

He initially resided in Brisbane, Australia and commuted regularly as necessary to the USA. “Geological Issues: Charting a Scheme for Correlating the Rock layers with the Biblical Record.” In Grappling with the Chronology of the Genesis Flood, edited by S.

But in mid-2011 he moved with his wife to live in northern Kentucky.

Andrew commenced in full-time creation ministry at the end of 1983, first working from Brisbane with the Creation Science Foundation of Australia (later Answers in Genesis–Australia) until late 1998, including three years with Ken Ham before Ham moved to the USA.

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