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So if you live in the PDX area or are stopping there for a vacation with your partner, check out this date guide to find out some of the hottest spots — including sincere recommendation on why a sexy date night at the strip club could be the best thing for the both of you.1.

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During the period I lived in Portland, Oregon, I went on a lot of dates.

From casual outings in parks to hip happy hours to late evening drinks in quiet, dark bars, I found that Portland is one of the most romantic cities in the US.

Allowing you to find out your group members' secret expertises and talents, it is the absolute perfect place for a sexy double date, yet still works so well for couples who feel like getting social at the same time as they get closer. As part of the Mc Menamins chain, the Annex is a quirky but sweet place to spend your evening.

There's nice food, lovely drinks and, on occasion, A entertainment — the first time I went there, a great musician crooned lots of love songs, ending with "Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You" while everybody sang along. Urban Farmer Feel like going somewhere on the sophisticated side for a lunch or dinner date?

Show up early and armed with plenty of pithy parking lot banter -- admission isn’t guaranteed and there’s always a line, but we’ve never had much trouble elbowing our way around scenesters who are lost in their phones while the queue moves on without them.

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