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Juvenile salmon smaller than 20 cm can be distinguished from juvenile sea trout by the former’s deeply forked caudal fin. Exotic and translocated vertebrates of Massachusetts.

Atlantic Salmon possesses fewer than 13 anal fin rays, as compared with Pacific salmon.

Maximum length 120 cm (females) - 150 cm (males) (Robins and Ray 1986). Average size 75 cm long and 4.5 kg after two years at sea (Fay et al. Modern Great Lakes individuals average 2.7-6.8 kg, with the record standing at 104 cm and 14.8 kg.

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1992; Thomson and Mc Kinnell 1994; Associated Press 2003; B.

Heard, personal communication; Mecklenburg et al 2005; Anonymous 2004); the Lake Tahoe, Truckee, Trinity, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay, Tulare Lake, Mokelumne, Russian, and Klamath drainages in California (Smith 1896; Shebley 1917; Mc Affee 1966e; Dill and Cordone 1997); Twin Lakes near Leadville, Colorado (Ellis 1974; Wiltzius 1985; Beckman 1952); inland areas (in waterbodies not historically within the native range) in Connecticut (Whitworth 1996); the Snake River, lakes in the Sawtooth Mountains, Payette Reservoir, and Deadwood Lake, Idaho (Linder 1963; Simpson and Wallace 1978; Idaho Fish and Game 1990, 1996); the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan, Illinois (Mac Crimmon and Gots 1979; Emery 1985; Underhill 1986; Burr 1991); Lake Michigan, Indiana (Emery 1985; Underhill 1986; Simon et al. 1987); unspecified areas in Kansas (Cross 1967; Mac Crimmon and Gots 1979); nonnative areas in Maine (Kendall 1914a; Everhart 1976; Tilmant 1999); unspecified areas in Kentucky (Mac Crimmon and Gots 1979); the Potomac River and inland areas of Maryland (Ferguson 1876; Bean 1892b; Mac Crimmon and Gots 1979) and Massachusetts (Hartel 1992; Cardoza et al.

Nonanadromous lake or landlocked form (described by some authors as Mac Crimmon and Gots (1979) gave a review of worldwide introductions of this species, including dates of introduction and source of stock.

In the United States Atlantic salmon have been introduced into many bodies waters of Alaska (Wing et al.

Spawning migration destinations vary between ocean-going and landlocked Atlantic Salmon strains.

Adult singles dating almon georgia

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