dating numerology calculation - After updating display adapter computer shutsdown

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Installation was straight forward and not difficult. I had to update my monitor that supported 1080p but so far I am satisfied.

on Location: Eastern NC Very pleasant experience with setup. on Location: Baltimore Everything you need to get up and running is clearly marked in the box. The hardware is very user friendly to set up and it seems to be built solidly.

On a side note the returns ive had no problem with.

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Receive full 1080p high definition video footage from each of your security cameras.

You can also expect smooth on-screen motion from your cameras.

Followed simple instructions and was "remotely" watching cameras in minutes. Plugged recorder to screen, mouse, and DSL router and I was up. I tried twice and failed but, to be fair, I only made a quick stab at it and did not focus much time. I will make a concerted effort and call support if I can't manage. Still learning how to use some of the features but so far a very pleasant experience. The i Phone app is not very easy to navigate through the configurations and the programming via the app is questionable.

Then downloaded free phone app to my Android, scanned the code on the recorder and I was watching the cameras remotely. For a 1080 camera the quality isn't nearly as clear as I envisioned it would be.

Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object. Besides the manual labor of running the cables to their desired locations (through attic, around inside of eaves) the setup was straight forward and easy to do. It does take about a minute or so for each camera to come up live once plugging it in.

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