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As feelings of anger and hatred build in B'Elanna from learning of the Maquis demise at the hands of the Cardassians, she begins to run deadly holodeck programs with the safeties off, pushing her limits.

After several unexplained injuries, Chakotay begins to investigate B'Elanna's reckless streak, and must put an end to it.

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Alexander enberg dating

Voyager discovers a space station that is running a simulation of Starfleet headquarters in San Francisco.

In order to determine who is running this simulation and for what purpose, Chakotay is sent into the simulation.

Crew morale falls as it will take Voyager two years to pass through this area of space, and the Captain, who begins to blame herself for Voyager's predictament, locks herself in her quarters.

However, Voyager soon encounters a race of nocturnal aliens who have made the void their home, and a new alien race, the Malon, have been using a nearby wormhole to deliver toxic antimatter waste to the Void, thus killing the native aliens.

Voyager transports aboard an injured pseudoparasite that attacks B'Elanna and then proceeds to latch onto her.

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