Arabella stuart portait dating 1610

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It is more likely, however, that they are the remaining portion of a word like ‘TECUM.’ The sitter was the daughter of Charles Stuart, Earl of Lennox (1555-1576) and Elizabeth Cavendish (1554-1582).

Lady Arabella was at one time next heir to the throne of England and Scotland after James I; as his family increased her chances decreased.

In the year 1610, without consent of the king, the Lady Arbella became engaged in marriage to William Seymour, second son of Lord Beauchamp and grandson of Earl of Hertford.

Her light brown hair, frizzed in front, is allowed to fall, maiden-fashion, on her shoulders and around her neck is a pearl necklace and other ornaments with a fan hanging from her left.

Her right hand is resting on a table covered in a green fringed cloth and a dog is lying in the left foreground and a red draped curtain is on the right.

He at this time only twenty-three, she thirty-five.

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